Have you ever come across wire maple leaves?  And wondered how they are made?  These two video tutorials show how you can do it with just regular tools.  They differ in technique. The first method is by Lan Ahn Handmade, a Vietnamese designer. She uses the wire weaving method to create loops around thick wire mandrels.

Her way allows you to use even thicker wire mandrels if you wish to make bigger leaves.  It also ensures make very even loops.

The other tutorial is also by another Vietnamese, Lythong who says he learns from Lan Ahn.  His method use both jaws of his round nose pliers. No wire weaving or wire mandrels.  But you do have to practice for consistently sized loops. You are also limited in leaf size as the loops are determined by the dimensions of the round nose pliers.

Thanks to reader Rozantia for sharing one of the tutorials!

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