There are many polymer clay brands out there. A bit bewildering especially for beginners. So check out this excellent review of the best polymer clay brands. It is by Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree. She goes through each brand in detail and gives her recommendations on which one to choose depending on what you wish to make.

Some clays are softer to work with than others.  Some are also brittle after curing.  Ginger's recommendations for jewelry are : Premo, Cernit, Fimo Professional, or Souffle.  But remember personal preferences also matter.  For instance, my friend, Helen Breil, uses Kato which is notoriously stiff to work with.  But she prefers its strength. According to Ginger, Kato is also great for caning.

Did you know that polymer clay has a shelf life?  It is best to buy from a supplier with good turnovers!

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