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Hand Painted Suede Fringe Jewelry Tutorial

It is very easy to make a leather or suede fringe necklace or earrings. But check out Kim's tutorial over on madeinaday. Her hand painted suede fringe jewelry really pops with the added color.  You really do not need to be super good at painting because the technique uses masking tape.

Plan out your geometric shapes and color scheme on some paper first. Then have fun!

Kim used suede which has a velvety nap.  Consider using smoother leather for a different look all together.

Before You Go:

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  1. Love the look of this.

    However - you just can't paint leather without some prepping. Leather is already a treated product so you have to keep that in mind. Same as suede.

    This link gives a thorough explanation of what to do if you want success (and not tons of frustration)

  2. Thanks Aims for that wonderfully helpful site. As you say, it will save on experimental time!


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