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Judy Larson's Tree of Life Wire Neckpiece Pictorial

Judy Larson is a wonderful instructor who teaches for free where she lives. But she has also generously shared many of her tutorials here on my blog over the years. Judy recently sent me this pictorial for a marvelous Tree of Life wire neckpiece. A statement design for sure!

She said in her email, "I was sorting my jewelry notes from the year into piles, trying to get a bit organized, and found this. I find I make a lot of things half way and then go on to other things. Because of that, I would forget a lot about a project if I do not make notes. Because the piece was flat, I photocopied it three times during construction and made notes for future reference. I thought your readers might like to try this one. 

 The next time I make this I might use 16 gauge wire instead of 18 for the base for a heftier look."

The 3 annotated photos (two shown above) are not a full tutorial but they do indicate the wire measurements needed to make the frame.  See my basic Tree of Life pendant tutorial for actually making that part.

You can download (go to the bottom) and save the PDF from my Slidesshare upload here.

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  1. I've never made a 'tree of life'. I do love the look of them tho. I like the idea of making them any way you want - and why not? - there are endless amounts of different trees in the world in all stages from seedling to old and bent and through the 4 seasons.

    The only thing I've made that's ever come close is that free-standing pearl beaded tree I showed you.

    1. That was lovely! I am constantly amazed at the variation people come up with this tree of life element.

  2. I tried to draw some of my wire weaving designs but my drawings need a lot of notes because they are not clear enough even to me, ha-ha! Notes do the job, though.

    1. I am terrible at remembering where I keep my notes - that is my problem!

  3. I made a tree of life pendant,once, many years back and somehow never made it again. But it is great to see another one of Judy's tutorial notes

    1. Yes, we are indeed fortunate Judy found something to share with us!


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