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Wood Slice and Resin Pendant Tutorial

I am seeing more and more interest in wood and resin combinations! Software engineer, Quinn Z Shen, in San Francisco was inspired and rose to the challenge. He made his own wood slice and resin pendants for his friends. He documented the process in his tutorial here. Note : this is a tool heavy diy!

He created his own mold from laser cut pieces of acrylic. I think he could have added more wood slices in his mold to optimize the resin casting.  Once cured, it was jig saw time although he also used a hacksaw!  The shapes he used were quite pleasing!

A good vice is also necessary to hold the pieces especially when drilling the holes.

He used electric sanders which makes the job go faster. Doing this by hand would be insane! If you use Novus plastic polishes as he did (or something similar), the resulting finish is not a "wet" look - more of a satin shine.

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1 comment:

  1. What a fabulous tutorial with amazing results! I like that he talks us through and explains his testing.

    The colours of the pendants are simply amazing! The wood contrasted against the blue is stunning!

    I don't know about adding more wood to the mold Pearl. If he put in 2 more pieces he would have more wood to resin and wouldn't end up with those gorgeous long pieces. But I do see what you mean when you look at how he draws up his cuts. There's one area that looks like it's wasted. But then if you put a piece of wood in there it changes the wood to resin ratio again.

    All in all a great tute. Love all his tools - made me drool! (nothing like being a tool junkie)


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