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Contemporary Earrings by Otis Jaxon

Otis Jaxon is a line of contemporary jewelry based in London, UK which "started over 20 years ago when designer Narena Kohli set up in an indoor market on the iconic Kings Road in Chelsea – the rest, as they say, is history!" Today a small, multicultural metal smithing team create uniquely modern handmade pieces in silver and gold. Shown here are just a small sampling of their creative ideas for all kinds of earrings.

Their core principles are encompassed in their statement : "Real style should be UNDERSTATED. We prefer form over fashion and believe in timeless SIMPLICITY. We admire the past but embrace in the future."

Some of their designs are indeed futuristic. The triangular piece above is just one of a geometric series of combination earring with ear cuff. There is no need for a second piercing,  How are these worn?  "Simply insert these earrings through your normal lobe piercing as if you were wearing them as drop earrings - then twist them upwards and put in place in the dip at the top of your ear."

Ear jackets and ear climbers are also available.

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  1. You've just cost me a lot of money my friend....

    1. LOL! But all worth it for these fabulous designs!!

  2. Finding your own style is crucial and they have - even though I am not into the concept of simplicity, hm, very much :) But I really like the earrings in the last three pictures.


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