Jessica Blazek is from Ohio ans is the designer behind Thimble Thistle. She is an artist who rose to the challenge of working in a new medium and in miniature scale! She said, "My inspiration comes from art history, nature and animals. Art has always been a passion of mine and I love the creative process and learning new things."

Vincent van Gogh : Starry Night

She does custom work and portraits.  However, it is her famous painting inspired embroidered pendants which really caught my eye.  Jessica clearly loves art history and in particular these master painters whose work inspires hers.

Edward Degas : Two Dancers on the Stage
She explains, "I render each brushstroke with a needle and thread with just enough detail to capture the essence of each subject. I have always admired how masters such as Van Gogh challenged conventional norms of painting with their interpretive style. As such I sometimes choose to re-interpret these well known images and others of my own creation."

Hokusai : The Wave
The level of detail is amazing! Creating these pieces takes many hours of work which clearly shows her passion for embroidery and art combined.  See bigger and more pictures on her Bigcartel and her Instagram.

Vincent van Gogh : Sunflowers
Diego Rivera : Flower Seller
Claude Monet : Water Lilies

Vincent van Gogh : Wheatfield

Claude Monet : Japanese Bridge Water Lily Pond

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