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Amazing Elephant Polymer Clay Jewelry by Kni Kni

Long time blog readers will know that I admire elephants - such majestic, intelligent and family orientated creatures. Elephants are at the brink of extinction in Africa due to poaching.  Some good news is China has banned ivory trading by the end of this year which will effectively disable the world's largest market for ivory.

One amazing polymer clay artist who truly celebrates these wonderful creatures is Inga of Kni.Kni on Flickr.   Working with just a simple elephant shape, she frees herself to create them in beautiful colors and designs. Shown here are just a small selection of her designs. I had difficulty trying to select my favorites!

She makes pendants and brooches and occasionally with coordinated earrings.

And even a matching handmade greeting card!

Her attention to detail is noteworthy as is her photographic skills!

Inga also writes a blog but it is written in Latvian.

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  1. What an incredible find Pearl!

    I fell into her Flickr and got lost gazing at each piece she has made. What a talent!!

    I too couldn't pick one out of all she's made. They are simply gorgeous!

    Her elephants just reinforce my theory that if you focus on something than it improves with each piece. Your mind seems to expand with ideas the more you focus.

    She makes me want to rush to my studio to try and find my own focus!

  2. So many different styles of painting the pendants, truly amazing!

  3. Thank you so much for so warm and kind words. This makes me wanna put my pause on the side faster and finally get back to work! Thank you!


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