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Bold Brass and Rope Statement Necklaces By Poli

The total opposite of minimalist jewelry pieces are big and bold statement designs. They are the designs you might also see on the runway. It's the sort of jewelry you'd team up with clean cut, classic outfits.  Polish designer, Paulina Ogrodowska, of Poli Jewelry (now PoliStudioStore), creates her stunning jewelry from brass and rope.

She explains that  she cuts and polishes the brass by hand. She then coats the brass with a protective finish to prevent tarnish.  This lovely metal contrasts beautifully with the darker colors, especially black, that she uses.  She also adds beads for additional color.

I especially loved the designs where she adds beadwork. Also noteworthy are the beautiful modeled photographs with different poses.

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  1. I love these pieces. The first one esp sings to my bohemian soul

  2. I'm with Divya!

    As you well know I go big on my jewelry! I think it has something to do with the 'Big is Beautiful' statement.

    I have my preferences here in these pics - 1st, 4th and that long dangle thing in the 6th.

    Going through her Etsy shop has even tougher choices.

    Great artist! Love love love the look!

  3. Fabulous! And yes, the use of beads and seed beads is just another advantage!


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