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How to Make a Copper Gingko Leaf Pendant Tutorial

Mari of Basket of Blue likes creating copper patina and torch fired enamel designs.  She recently sent me a tutorial for a wonderful copper gingko leaf pendant tutorial.  I particularly love the shape of this type of leaf.  She gives alternative options to many of her steps and some useful tips. Helpful if you do not have some of the tools.  You can, for instance, use metal snips rather than a jewelry saw to cut out the shapes.

She demonstrates her grinding and polishing wheel on a lathe. Alternatively, a dremel drill equipped with grinding and sanding drills will also be a good alternative to making quick work out of this part of the process.  (See my past post on How to Use the Split Mandrel for Easy Power Sanding).

Flaming copper with a torch creates gorgeous iridescent hues on the metal.  But there are indeed other ways to color metal. Consider Swellegant or Gilder's paste for example - see links below.

However, using the torch is preferable as heating the metal anneals (softens) it and makes texturing it easier.  I like how she used a hammer and wire to create the distinctive gingko leaf surface.

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  1. Going on my 'to try' list Pearl! Thanks!

  2. This is so cool. I love copper and Ginko leaves, so this will be great to try. Thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks, Pearl for sharing my tutorial! I've made several more Ginkgos after I wrote it. I love using the buffing wheels on a lathe, it has been a great tool to speed up my work, I sure recommend that if you work a lot with copper or brass.

  4. great idea, dremels are great when it comes to sanding and polishing as it gets the job done quickly


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