Creating minimalist jewelry designs is quite a challenge.  That's simply because the artist has to "sketch" out memorable pieces with just the bare minimum of materials.  One artisan who can do that is Greek architect, Eri.  Her shop, Eried, shows her deft organic minimalist style.

Tropical Cluster Flowers Earrings

Eri explains her design philosophy, "As an architect I am drawn to explore new forms and try to reshape them in a more abstract and in parallel concise manner." This shows in her jewelry designs. She uses a combination of materials and techniques.  My favorite is her tropical collection which is created from sterling silver, polymer clay and enamel.

Tropical Heliconia Flower Statement Necklace
Tropical Pins

Tropical Heliconia Flower Earrings
Another distinctive collection is her Physalis series (Chinese lantern) where she only focuses on the shape of the flowers not their distinctive orange color.

This minimalist designer certainly rises to the challenge as she also explores different platings in her stacked heart bracelet set.

As with her set of skinny stacked heart rings.

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