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Smaneck - the Hands Free Smartphone Necklace!

I knew sooner or later, someone would come up with a smartphone necklace!  The Japan Trend Shop has the nifty Smaneck, a hands free necklace style smartphone holder for just $24 (plus shipping). It is really a tiltable grip for smartphones that can be worn around the neck.

At first glance, I snorted with amusement. But a closer look revealed its potential.  It could well be an easy way to record videos of what you are making.  So tutorial designers who share on Youtube should take note!  Other crafters and cooks could also find this helpful for demos.

I am not sure if using a timer (and not breathing for a short while so as to remain as still as possible) would work for still tutorial photographs but I might be willing to give it a go! I suspect one has to get the tilt angle right and figure out an optimal position for the working area for both photography and videography.

Other fun uses include POV (point of view) videography of your next party or family reunion and perhaps record a memorable walk in the woods and so on. 


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  1. With so many comments saying one should not sleep with ones phone nearby for all the alleged dangers it forms healthwise, is this not as dangerous?

    1. Wearing a smartphone, keeping one in a pocket for short periods of time isn't the same as sleeping with one! So this is fine.

  2. It's a thing of beauty!!

    I can just see me wearing that around...oh yeah!

  3. If it is laying on your chest when you are videotaping a tutorial, would not it be affected by merely breathing? Wouldn't the video be showing a lot of movement?

  4. I feel that it might just be a novelty gift. If we are unable to keep our hands steady while taking pictures or videos how can we expect to keep still without breathing while wearing it around our neck.however it may become the "IT" party gadget soon as it will be easier to record a party or a disc

  5. Cool gadget! Gadget lovers will find a way to use while others will ignore it but isn't it always like that :)


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