I have been negligent on the chain maille front!  But here are 2 chain maille cross pendant tutorials you might like. They are based on the two fairly easy weaves - the Full Persian and the Byzantine. If you have never done chain maille before, make bracelets first (tutorials links below) before attempting these tutorials. Also note that jump rings used have to be of the right gauge and internal diameter for chain maille weaves to work.  Instructors do share the info you need. 

The first one is by Mechanical Brain where the cross is made up of sections of Full Persian weaves connected together with large rings. This instructor also has his own Full Persian weave tutorial - he makes it look easy but it is really very hard to manipulate the rings at the beginning without additional aids. Please see my past tutorial on how to do this weave - it has a very easy way of starting using wire ties that will save you from pulling out hairs.

Yvonne Williams has a lovely Celtic inspired Cross tutorial based on the Byzantine weave.  She links up a lot of jump rings at each step to save time and effort. So this might be a little awkward for beginners.  As I said below, learn to make bracelets first!

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