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Did You Know You Can Dye Pearls Yourself?

I did not know you could until I came across this tutorial on how to dye white pearls!  This really helps if you are trying to get a particular shade to compliment your jewelry designs.  Fabric dyes are used. This makes sense as pearls are made from almost 100% calcium carbonate, a very porous material.

The tutorial also includes a number of tips and tricks including how to sieve the liquid dye through a coffee filter to make sure there are no bits of undissolved dye powder. These bits would otherwise cause streaked colorations.

Is the color permanent?  Nope. The color will fade with time.  So re-dying is a possibility.

If you sell your designs using dyed pearls, make sure you let your customers know.  There is nothing wrong with dyed gemstones so long as it is declared as such.

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  1. Isn't this an amazing pearl of advice!

    I wonder if it would solve the problem of the colour chipping away from the holes when you try to make them a little bit bigger?


  2. To answer Aims's query, I use a lot of dyed/coated pearls and the colour and/or coating almost always chips away at the holes even when you don't ream them. Simple stringing or knotting to do that to them


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