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Haute Couture Tambour Beaded Invertebrate Art by Atelier Noboru

Tambour beading is usually seen in haute couture where this technique is used to embellish fabrics before being made into beautiful clothing. Noboru Hoareau is a Paris based stylist and embroider who has used it to create his unique tambour beaded insect, spider and other invertebrate art.  His Etsy store is called Atelier Noboru.

Tambour beading is accomplished using a crochet like hook to create chain stitches on the fabric. The beads or sequins are pre-strung on the thread which is then hooked up. As you can see from this video demonstration, embroiderers like Noboru are working with the back of the work facing them and the bead work forming underneath.

It is a skilled craft, one which he excels in. Experienced tambour embroiderers can work pretty fast. He uses all kinds of beads and sequins for his invertebrate art but he sometimes omits them to use the thread itself to form the legs and antennae.

Simply gorgeous art!


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  1. Incredible work! I can't imagine the cost of something made with this type of artwork - but if you can afford it - who cares!

    I've been noticing something similar of late on a certain male vocal artist who's making a lot of appearances with his first album. His clothing - particularly his pants are often intricately bead embroidered and I actually wondered where he would get these made and who would be doing this type of work.

    Now I know (I think)!

    1. Top fashion houses do have professional bead embroiderers too.

  2. So pretty! This is the only way I accept bugs, ha-ha! I like the combo of thread and beads - very clever!


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