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How to Make a Jump Ring Bezel for a Sea Glass Pendant

Did you know that sea glass is sometimes known as "mermaid's tears?" Most of the old stories claim that the mermaids shed tears for lost loves or sailors who perished at sea.  These sand polished glass pieces are often either drilled or wire wrapped and made into pendants. Metalsmith, Soham Harrison has a marvelous tutorial - make a jump ring bezel for a sea glass pendant.

He makes the jump rings and then solders them together. The trickiest part is actually putting on the flux to the jump rings. That's because they move out of place and have to arranged again.  He then added tiny pieces of hard solder wire to each join. Paste solder would probably reduce the frustration as the flux is included.

He does not demonstrate the pickling (adding to a mild acid solution to clean the firescale).  I would love to try this idea with fine silver and see if I can just fuse without the need for solder or cleaning afterwards.

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  1. It looks very pretty. But I am not great at soldering. Whenever I solder half my pieces break off or become brittle and threaten to break apart. Sigh! God knows when I am going to master it

    1. Did you try using solder paste? Easier than handling little pieces of solder which may or may not flow into place!

  2. Absolutely love this tutorial! The soldered jump rings make such a gorgeous wrapping and bail!

    I think Soham is an excellent teacher.

    May I suggest to Divya that she ask Soham what she is doing wrong. People ask him questions all the time and he is very good at answering them.

  3. Unfortunately, it involves soldering (not among my skills) :( But it's an idea and a good one!

    1. If you cannot solder, consider doing a wire bezel - any of these!


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