Have you wanted to make a recycled spoon pendant but balked at the part where you use a saw? Well, Jean over on Craftster shows how you can use just a Dremel with different attachments to make one!

She then uses a drill attachment to make a hole and then goes on to use it to slowly cut out the marked pattern.  

She textures her designs with various sanding attachments. Those same sanding bits will also smooth out the cut out areas.

Lastly, she uses the rotary disc for thin metals to cut much of the handle off. Note that she used pliers with teeth probably so she could grip hard enough to bend over the remaining handle to form the bail. Might be a good idea to choose some of the softer metals. If you can find real silver cutlery, even better!

Seriously, a Dremel drill is the most versatile power tool to have for all kinds of jewelry making.

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