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Shrink Plastic Jewelry Dish Tutorial by Alison Burke

Remember those pretty polymer clay ring bowls I wrote about?  Well, you can make striking shrink plastic bowls too!  Just check out Alison Burke's wonderful tutorial.  One of the bowls (second one from the top) has been cleverly colored so it appears to be white drawings on black. Cool! You can have fun free-wheeling with your pen!

Alison is an accomplished artist and not surprisingly she has many adult coloring books for sale.

Plastic is the defining material of our age.  So do not be put off  with using it!  Acrylic is another form of plastic as is polymer clay and epoxy resin. So there!

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  1. Rather a neat idea.

    I checked out Alison's blog post. Unfortunately she really needs to clean up her comment section. I couldn't find anyone who had tried this - only advertising....grrrrrrrr

    1. Spam comments are the bane of a bloggers life! She doesn't appear to have a spam filter.

  2. I guess I have to see in person and touch shrink plastic - I'm afraid it looks cheap but what if it doesn't? I don't know for sure but all pictures I've seen so far are pretty!

    1. The white shrink plastic will thicken and still feel like plastic! But it is the designs you draw which make them special.


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