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Watch a Paper Disc Cut Through Acrylic, Plastic and Wood!!

Paper cuts hurt!  That is because paper can indeed slice through a lot of softer materials.  Don't believe me?  Just watch this video. Johnnyq90 demostrates how he makes a 3 layer paper disc to fit his Dremel drill. Then proceeds to cut through cardboard, acrylic, plastic and wood!

Sigh. I actually bought replacement cutting wheels for my Dremel. I should just use those for metal cutting and save some money and use paper instead for the soft materials, eh?

Update :  A reader's brother, a retired chemical engineer explains that "the glue makes it much stiffer. And good paper like this has a fair amount of titanium dioxide in it to make it bright white. TiO2 is very abrasive. And it is a lot like getting a paper cut." Figures!

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  1. When I first saw this video I was shocked that paper could do this!

    A wonderful demonstration of a material you wouldn't even think of using for cutting!

  2. That's so surprising. What a GREAT hack! There have been times I've needed to cut super thin slots and the disks suitable for the Dremel have been too thick. Paper disks would have been ideal! Thanks for sharing, Pearl.

    1. That is a good point, Mylene. The paper ones are thinner than the metal Dremel ones.

  3. wow! What sorcery is this? feels like magic that paper can cut plastic, wood and metal

  4. AH, physics. The extraordinary magic of molecules moving around other molecules. So amazing to see it in action.

  5. Wouldn't have thought this was possible.


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