Indiana based jewelry designer, Brooke Marks-Swanson specializes in textile and metal wearable art. Her work has been exhibited nationally as well as internationally in many juried and invitational shows. Her Basket collection in particular is a fascinating combination of hand knitted leather inspired by the basket form.

Neckpiece :Basket Collar #1 : hand knit leather, oxidized silver, rare earth magnet

She said, "I discovered knitting looking for a personal connection, which quickly led to an obsession with the discovery of variation in a simple stitch." Why baskets?  She explained her inspiration by describing how she was "attracted to a massive strand of colorful, miniature, woven grass baskets" which she remembered when traveling to Mexico as a child."

Neckpiece : Basket Collar #4 : hand knit leather, oxidized silver, rare earth magnet
You can see echoes of baskets in the forms of her necklace, the little silver cups, the knitted leather being reminiscent of woven basket material.

She also said, "Baskets are powerful objects. They have existed since the beginning of man and throughout history - and still today in many cultures - are essential for transporting and storing the necessities of life. Like us, baskets contain memories, secrets, and human experience."
Neckpiece : Basket  #11 : leather, silver

Neckpiece : Basket #14 : leather silver, 22 K goldleaf

Necklace : Basket #10 : leather, silver, 18 K gold, 22 K goldleaf


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