I've always made coiled wire end caps such as these shown in this past tutorial. But fellow Canadian, Patricia Roberts-Thompson shows how you can make polymer clay end caps which results in colorful findings which can easily match jewelry designs.  The design possibilities are endless as you can apply different textures and coloring techniques to them.

She demonstrates how to make not just the cylindrical variety but also the conical style end caps.
I particular love the way she added more decorative clay rounds at the top of each end cap.

The tricky part would be with making the seams disappear.  I wonder if it could be easier to add the texture to polymer clay end cap while it was still on the mandrel rather than when the clay was first rolled out flat?  This surely would work with the rough sponge/filter she used for dabbing on speckled texture.

Drilling the holes after baking is probably better than making those with uncured clay. That way, you won't risk distorting the clay during the process.

H/T to Aims for this find.

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