Judy Larson has been teaching jewelry making for free in her community for many years. She wrote to me recently and explained, "A couple weeks ago I wrote a tutorial for this necklace after donating the original to a fundraiser for the son of a former student of mine. The little boy is the same age as our oldest grandchild, and the feeling of helplessness hit me particularly hard."  It is tough enough for a small boy to be fighting cancer. His family also faces steep medical and other expenses as unfortunately the US still does not offer universal health care coverage for all its citizens unlike many other countries in the world.

Little Knox will need help for many years to come after he beats his osteosarcoma.  Fellow Canadians will know this is the same cancer the heroic Terry Fox (Marathon of Hope) suffered from.

Judy said she "wrote this tutorial in hopes that there would be an outpouring of help for this little boy and his family, but also help those in need in the future. The jewelry making community is so giving and I hope this sparks that spirit in all who would like to make this necklace."

We both urge anyone who would like to download this tutorial to consider donating to Help Knox Olafson Kick Cancer to the Curb.  Or if you are downloading this tutorial after the time frame to help Knox, then please help others by donating to charities, children's hospitals and supporting cancer research.  Perhaps donate your own jewelry designs for other fundraisers or set aside a portion of your jewelry sales as I have done before for worthy causes.

Judy adds, "It does not always mean donating money, but could be our time, our talents, etc."

The design incorporates wire weaving and cabochon wire work. This is suitable for intermediate and advance wire workers.  You can download the full 32 page PDF tutorial here.

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