Decorative tins are worth keeping because that metal can be used for making jewelry.  Christine Terrell shows how to make a flower pendant from a recycled tin.  (UPDATE : link no longer works). The plain colors make these pendants look like they were enameled!

This is a metal work tutorial so you will need some of the basic tools like metal shears, files and dapping block and punch.  

The designer does say that the "tin" is often painted cold rolled steel.  Steel can be hard to work with. So I think the step which makes the ridges radiating out from the center of the flower will be tricky. She used conforming pliers but chain nose pliers can also be used.  I would venture to say that pushing a metal fold against the edge of the pliers will require some force. So make sure all sharp edges are properly filed smooth!

Aluminum cans are much easier to handle as the metal is a lot thinner!

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