Sarah Jane Connors is a British artist who paints with beads!  Thousands of them!  Her amazing bead animal portraits takes her one to two months to do. The process is incredibly time consuming because she meticulously attaches every bead with a hot glue gun onto wooden boards.  Any unwanted bead has to be removed with a hair dryer - the heat softens the glue enough for her to pick it out. She applies a layer of Mod Podge to seal her beaded canvases when she is done.

Sarah's love of found objects began as a child when she discovered her garden soil was full of "treasures" be they bits of broken glass or pottery.  As an adult, she scours charity shops, second hand shops, car boot sales (trunk sales), bead shops and even her local beach in Brighton for beads.

Can you imagine what her collection is like?  And how she must organize them by colors and shape! The complexity of the nuanced color selection is outstanding. Truly a labor of love.

Detail of cat's eye

Detail of Pug's eye
NOTE :  A few readers may have spotted this post briefly a few weeks ago. That was a scheduling mistake on my part and had to correct it.


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