California based metalsmith, Kelly Morgen, creates beautiful art nouveau inspired jewelry.  She is also skilled in scrimshaw - the old art of engraving on ivory.  As ivory is now banned, scrimshaw artists like her now use recycled real ivory keys from antique pianos as well as other materials.  Her cut work designs also displays the gemstones she uses at the back. Her pieces are also reversible such is the meticulous finish.

This full time designer explained, "I was trained in Florence, Italy by a master goldsmith and completed my studies with Cherokee silversmith and shaman Heyoka Merrifield in Montana." She also took an intensive 4 month silversmithing course in London, England in 2015 and became a licensed Alphonse Mucha jeweler. Alphonse Mucha was the Czech born father of the Art Nouveau style. Approved by the Mucha family, her work has followed the In Quest for Beauty: Alphonse Mucha museum exhibit around the world - currently in Liverpool, England.

Her video shows Kelly at work at her bench as well as talking about her inspirations. Check out her About the Art page which shows the step by step work in the different techniques she uses to create her designs. Sawing is her favorite technique!

Sawing antique ivory piano key
The ancient art of scrimshaw

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