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How to Make Faux Ammolite Polymer Clay Jewelry

Have you ever seen Korite's ammolite (see promo video at the end)?  They are the largest supplier of this rare multi-colored gemstone found only in Southern Alberta, Canada . This gemstone comes from prehistoric marine snails which fossilized in what was once an ancient seabed.  Not surprisingly, jewelry pieces made from this gemstone are pretty pricey! But there is a way you can wear a lookalike!

Ludmila Bakulina has an amazing series of faux ammolite jewelry tutorials using polymer clay!  The first tutorial shows you how to make the "ammolite".  She has deft skills with alcohol inks.  You might also be envious of her motorized pasta machine!  One assumption is made - she doesn't demonstrate how to frame with black polymer clay. But she shows how she gets that ultra glossy shine at the end.

Her next tutorial covers the creation of this polymer clay pendant tutorial - specifically how to make the shell and how to connect the three components. Clever! This tutorial includes how to finish the back of the faux ammolite with a textured sheet of polymer clay.  Such attention to detail!

She also created a different ammolite shell design for this pendant, ring and earrings set.  Part 1 and Part 2.

Promo video from Korite :

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  1. Hi Pearl, thank you for the links to the cool tutorials. As a trained paleontologist I love fossil-themed jewelry. A quick comment--snails are in the same large group (phylum Mollusca) as the extinct ammonites, but modern cephalopods, like the pearly nautilus and the octopus, are the closest living relatives. Nonetheless, the tutorials show a cool effect with polymer clay and inks. Thanks!

  2. How cool to hear from a palaeontologist! And to be set straight about modern relations of ammonites! The nautilus is another favorite of jewelry makers!!

  3. Definitely saving this tutorial for when I have time to sit and make again!


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