Verushka Stevens the designer behind VeruDesigns is not only a software engineer but an accomplished polymer clay artist.  Also noteworthy is her love for designer shoes! She adores them so much they became the inspiration for her Tiny Jewels collection!

The exquisitely crafted miniature polymer clay shoe earrings resemble the originals a great deal as you can see in this unboxing video of both the designer shoes and the inspired earrings!

The polymer clay shoe earrings are very small - about 2 cm. The designer certainly has an eye for design and detail.

Veruschka said, " I was invited by a beautiful high-end boutique in Philadelphia to host a Pop-Up show for Valentine’s day showcasing my jewelry, but most importantly to create a small display that was “different” or “surprising”, with complete creative free range."

And what a charming diorama it turned out to be.  It was like a doll's upscale boutique with many of the items made from polymer clay!  These included the hooks, hangers, shoe boxes ad stands, earring stands, clothes, tiny jewelry, rugs, chandelier and so on!

Just before opening, Veruschka posed in front of the display which also included her other full scale polymer clay jewelry. The last photo shows her modelling her jewelry so you have a better idea how remarkable her creations are!

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