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Easy Peasy Jewelry Gift Pouch to Sew !

I've written about fabric jewelry bags, organizers and roll ups before.  They are great as gift bags for jewelry items. Or use them for travel as they will protect your pieces.  Some of the tutorials I featured before do take some time to make.  However, I found this really easy peasy jewelry gift pouch tutorial from Handmadediya to be just the ticket if time is short. 

What drew my attention were the short channels for the cord which means you don't have to string the cord through a long one.

It is not only very simple but the resulting "petals" makes it an attractive bag. You can also adapt it and make it any size you wish.

I also like the idea of using a crochet cord as the draw string.  This is a win-win because the bag is both a fabric and yarn buster!

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  1. That's a great gift bag! Such a good final product for minimal effort. I'm looking forward to trying it out!!!

  2. This is adorable. Thanks for posting it.


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