Polymer clay canes are definitely not my forte. Far from it. So what to do when you need a colorful design as a veneer? I loved this marbling tutorial by the Unruly Housewife. It is simple with lots of potential for experimenting. As she says, it is a great way to use up scrap clay!

One option is not to roll out thin for veneer work. But to cut out a shape. If you use a cookie cutter type, put some cling film over the polymer clay before you cut the shape. The plastic film will help give a rounded as opposed to a sharp edge.

Another is to use it in a channel bracelet. See this tutorial on How to Add Polymer Clay to Channel Bracelets.

I remember doing paper marbling when I was in school.  This is an ancient technique which goes back hundreds of years. Check out my nail polish resin art pendant tutorial which also uses marbling.

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