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Polymer clay canes are definitely not my forte. Far from it. So what to do when you need a colorful design as a veneer? I loved this marbling tutorial by the Unruly Housewife. It is simple with lots of potential for experimenting. As she says, it is a great way to use up scrap clay!

One option is not to roll out thin for veneer work. But to cut out a shape. If you use a cookie cutter type, put some cling film over the polymer clay before you cut the shape. The plastic film will help give a rounded as opposed to a sharp edge.

Another is to use it in a channel bracelet. See this tutorial on How to Add Polymer Clay to Channel Bracelets.

I remember doing paper marbling when I was in school.  This is an ancient technique which goes back hundreds of years. Check out my nail polish resin art pendant tutorial which also uses marbling.

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  1. I've done this technique and the effects are just gorgeous. This post makes me think I should do it again...thanks Pearl!

  2. What I like about this technique is how easy it is! And the possibilities are endless!

  3. Nice Tutorial. My favorite thing about this technique is the color randomness of the results! Throwing in a tube of translucent clay can really add to the interesting patterns and blends!


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