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Stained Glass Amulets by ParrishRelics

Every successful designer creates memorable and often, one of a kind pieces. One such designer is Jen Parrish-Hill, the designer behind Parrish Relics. It is easy to see why she calls her collections Parrish Relics. The first part is obviously from her name but the second reflects the antique look of her designs.

The stained glass used in this particular collection are framed with clay which has been meticulously textured. These are then "hand painted with layered patinas of antiqued silver or gold for a romantic, time worn presence." Jen said, "I enjoy creating designs that tell visual stories and start conversations, that are more than simple adornment. I like to think of them as Charms and Talismans that also bring a bit of Magic and Beauty to the daily wardrobe."

Her distinctive pieces with their historical, time worn look have caught the attention of the costume designers for stage and screen.  For example, her work has been used for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie. She explained, "Over the years I have been lucky enough to create for some of my favorite writers, museums  and the entertainment industry, and for romantics who daydream about Venice, obsess over flora and fauna, admire Medieval oddities, worship Pre-Raphaelite Bohemians or just enjoy a well adorned fairy tale." 

Jen lives and breathes her distinctive style. Her Studio at Frog Hollow (their West Massachusetts home) is amazing to see. Check out the pictures! Who knew a shipping office could look so romantic?

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  1. They are all so gorgeous and dreamlike

  2. I absolutely adore Jen's work!

    When I look at her pieces I always think - I'd wear that in a heartbeat - or - I wish I could make things that look like that - but I can't. So I get to drool over Jen's pieces.

    I think her pieces do look like relics and since I've always been drawn to the past they definitely hit that spot that craves for romance and history.

    Yup - I'm a groupie....


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