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Carla Allen's Designs as Photographed by JewelryShoot

Remember JewelryShoot's fabulous photoshoot giveaway?  It was a great opportunity for one lucky reader to get professional photographs taken of their designs.  Ash is the photographer behind this unique service for artisans who cannot take good pictures but still need quality shots for ecommerce and catalogs.  Carla Allen was the winner of that giveaway.  Shown here are her designs as taken by Ash.  Aren't they - both designs and photos -  lovely?

A little about Carla.  I found out that she is a self taught beader.  She doesn't have a store of her own. Carla explained, "With fibromyalgia, it would be hard to open my own shop." But the photos will be displayed in her friend's store and in a local bead store. She has already gotten a few special orders before through her friend so the professional photographs will further advertise her work. 
Fibromyalgia is a debilitating and painful disorder, one that is not "visible" to others. Yet Carla is inspiring as she continues to bead while trying different things to fight the condition.

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  1. Wow, her jewlery is fabulous! It's too bad that she has such a debilitating disease. She has some massive talent. Glad to see the photo shoot was used on such beautiful professional pieces. I especially love how she did the drop down on the bezeled crystals, very classic look.

  2. YAY for Carla!! Her pieces look terrific. Many others of us out here in beading land also have FMS (fibromyalgia syndrom) and other chronic illnesses. So, thank you to Pearl for giving a mention to this misunderstood condition.
    And here's to a wonderful holiday season of joy and peace for all of us.


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