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How to Make a Santa Claus Polymer Clay Cane Tutorial

 I thought this Mo Clay tutorial was just perfect for Christmas...perhaps not this year but next? It shows how this artistic and highly creative polymer clay artist sketched and colored a sweet depiction of Santa Claus from which she built up her milliefiori.

Note that she starts at a particular feature and builds up from there.

Canes like this can be used in jewelry, as buttons, decorations on candle holders and so on.

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  1. It always throws me off when you use the word millefiori for these face canes. I'm not sure how you are using this term when it literally means 'thousand flowers' and this is definitely a face cane. I've always meant to ask you why you use your term and what definition are you going by. Today seems like as good a day as any to find out. LOL!! Then again... curiosity killed the cat and all of that...😁

    1. Simple. I am using the term to describe the technique - not the literal translation. The Italian glass bead makers may have originally created flowers but the technique is the same whatever the motif.


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