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Amazing Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Lyudmila Kuryakova

It is rare to come across a talent like Ukrainian wire artist, Lyudmila Kuryakova. Her Deviantart gallery showcases her incredible work. She also sells some of her designs on her Etsy store, KL Designer Jewelry.  Her amazing wire wrapped work is intricate and flowing  - reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period.  It was incredibly hard to pick just a few of her designs for this feature.

She works with silver, brass and copper, often with a range of patina colors. Her focals include gemstones as well as porcelain.  A few of her designs also include hand painted stones.

Some of her most outstanding pieces are her wire wrapped hairpins - she has several in her collection.  Also worth noting are her wire wrappped brooches - her take on this ancient style of clothes fastener.  She called them fibula but I think they are more reminiscent of penannular or Celtic brooches.

Hand painted stone focal
 Incredible workmanship and artistic creativity!

Penannular brooch

Porcelain focal

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  1. Absolutely amazing work!!! Thanks Pearl.

  2. breathtaking------what book or books can you recommend for a beginner, me, in this gorgeous flowing medium---wire --like water moving----?? thank you,

    1. There is a great beginner wire jewelry book I reviewed before -

      That is a good one which covers the basics. Also check out the wire work Craftsy online classes - I pinned my reviews here :

      Also search through my blog - I have hundreds of free wire tutorials.

      As I have said many times to students...there is nothing magical about working with wire. Just tons of practice. You will get better.

  3. I had a peek at Lyudmila's Deviantart page. Simply Wow! I tried to imagine making anything like this and my brain just shut down with all the work involved.
    I can imagine Lyudmila coming across some of those incredible stones she has used and the excitement they probably generated for her.
    Her use of wire and various stones and gems is simply outstanding.
    What an artist!

    1. It also occurs to me that polymer clay artists like yourself could create beautiful focals which can then be wire wrapped!

  4. Each piece is a art form in itself. Love the complexity and the simplicity of each piece. A joy to look it.


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