I am fond of orchids - the flowers are showy and long lasting.  But a forever type of orchid is the wire wrapped variety. This gorgeous wire wrapped orchid pendant tutorial is by Vietnamese wire artist, Lan Anh Handmade.  The shape of the Cymbidium or boat orchid is perfectly captured.

Not that the wire weaving of most of the flower is done while it is still an open frame.  This is a good thing as it allows one to quickly wire weave directly from the spool.

There are no measurements and this designer does make wire manipulation look very easy.  Practice, practice, practice!

The Cymbidium orchid is native to tropical and sub-tropical Asia.  I remember my grandfather growing them in his garden and the stinky manure he used to fertilize them.  But they have long been popular everywhere.

Someone asked me about repotting as their orchid pot didn't have much soil.  There is no need. Orchids do not need soil at all as they are epiphytes - they evolved to grow on tree branches with perhaps some debris. Also weird is their aerial roots which absorb nutrients and moisture from the humid air.  In nature, the flower stalks dangle down. So our potted orchid flower stalks have to be staked.

I have some miniature orchids that have not rebloomed yet.  Perhaps it is time to make the wire variety!!

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