One way with seed beads is to really go all out, using lots and lots for intricate glamour. But the other way is to minimize the amount of seed beads used and still deliver great designs!  American beader, Leslie Sykes-O'Neill,  makes bracelets, brooches and necklaces too, what really caught my eye with her original tiny beaded earrings!

I especially love her creative way of beading around metal frames. She never fills the entire interior with beads but adds interesting patterns.

She said, "I love jewelry. I love designing it, making it, looking at it, wearing it, and thinking about it. I love seeing what other people are making and wearing too. The urge to adorn is deep within us, and I believe in the power of a chic, beautiful pair of earrings or a cool bracelet to brighten the day!"

Leslie truly lives and breathes jewelry.  She trained as a bench jewelry and has been in the industry for over twenty years. She even has a MA in decorative arts history, concentrating on silver and jewelry. After she got hooked on beading for fun in the 1990's, she struck out on her own and now sells her work at craft shows.

This statement of hers clearly shows her passion : "Seed beads are my creative rocket fuel!"  

Do check out her Facebook and Instagram for more pictures.

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