Happy New Year everyone!  It's not just a new year but today is my 11th blogging anniversary!  It is hard to believe but I have been posting at least once a day since January 4, 2007.  This is my 4,621st post!

Over that time, I've learned many, many things and I always strive to improve.  I enjoy writing but I do not have any particular talent for it.  The American novelist, James Baldwin, once said :

"Talent is insignificant. I know a lot of talented ruins.
Beyond talent lie all the usual words:
discipline, love, luck, but, most of all, endurance."

Right on!  The blog has endured because I am a disciplined blogger/writer. It is a lot of work but I love what I do and have a passion for jewelry making.  I have also had a lot of luck in attracting the wonderful readers who make up this community.

I am also grateful for the other wonderful bloggers, Youtubers and designers who have shared their ideas and inspired us with their designs.

Many of you have been so kind to take the time and effort to let me know how much you enjoy this blog - believe me, your tips, emails and comments are what helps me keep going.  Just when I think perhaps the time has come to "retire", when an opportune message comes along!

The revenue from ads and affiliate fees is also important, without which this blog will not exist. I depend on it to cover the behind the scenes costs I incur so this blog continues to be free for all.  I value your support!

So what is it like to be a blogger who works at home?  The following cartoon by Hannah Hillam made me chuckle!  I do have 3 cats as co-workers.  I write not just at a desk but all over the house if I need a change of scene.  That is what laptops are for. I don't go unwashed but I often write in my bathrobe in the evenings.

But as you know, it is not all about writing. Check out this past post for a look at my studio.

Be sure to comment often as this lets me know what YOU like so I can write more.  Have a happy and productive year ahead.

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