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Whimsical Mixed Metal Jewelry by River Path Studio

Kathleen Hubbard of River Path Studio in Idaho, is a self taught metalsmith with approximately 30 years of experience. She got started back in 1984 when, as a single mother,  needed to supplement her income.  Her first jewelry design business began in California.

Over the years, she has been fortunate to have designed for celebrities and for her pieces to be used in music videos and television. She has also been a featured artist on the shopping network, QVC.

But her business eventually evolved to the point that by 2010, she realigned her strategy, designs and started River Path Studio and Artworks.  Her whimsical mixed media metal jewelry showcases how much fun she has with her new collection.

Her artistic flair shows in the clever ways in which she uses materials such as  "sterling silver, red brass, copper, nickel silver, vintage tin, resin, watch components, green stones and beads, unusual findings and charms, filigree and heavy gauge wire."  She also uses images in some of her designs.

Queen brooch

Many of Kathleen's designs are inspired by animals and nature. Some of her pieces have that special steampunk look. All in all, a delightful collection.

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  1. OMG what adorable little works of art! I will be checking out your Etsy shop. ☺

  2. I love her work!! I'm going to have to explore her designs more thoroughly...take my time and enjoy them!
    What a fab artist!!

  3. Each one is so different and yet they have recognizable common style features! Unbelievably good!


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