Beaded tassel earrings do feed into the trend for tassels.  Even if you do not like large earrings, consider making just one and hang it on a chain necklace!  Check out this beaded tassel earrings tutorial by AllBears.  The tassel is actually made with a length of ribbon.  Each long beaded dangle is sewn to the ribbon make a fringe. The ribbon is then rolled up.

Several rows of beads hide the top of the ribbon before beaded balls are added. This tutorial does not give the instructions on how to make beaded balls.  I have gathered such tutorials before. See here and here.  (Update : Reader Val pointed out that this designer does have an earlier video on how to make the ball. Thanks Val!)

Note that the tutorial is in Russian. I suggest you just turn off the volume if you cannot understand this language.  The demonstration is clear enough to understand!

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