Elephants are such magnificent creatures.  So it is natural to see them as an inspiration for jewelry designs - especially for malleable polymer clay!  I features one amazing polymer clay artist who makes almost exclusively elephant polymer clay jewelry.  If you love the idea of making elephant brooches, then check out this delightful (and different) polymer clay elephant brooch tutorial by Svetlana Belova. She created an adorable elephant shape.

I love how she created the bejeweled elephant "blanket" reminiscent of the kind worn by Royal Indian elephants! The bicone dangles were perfect.

2018 might well be the Year of the Elephant. The awful killing of these noble beasts for their ivory have seen their African numbers drastically drop from 10 million to just 400,000. Elephants are at risk of extinction. The ivory trade was once connected with slavery (slaves were needed to carry the ivory tusks) and piano keys used to be made out of ivory.  In recent times, ivory funded African civil wars and affected the much needed tourism industry of many countries.

But the good news is, China, arguably the largest market for ivory, is enforcing a ban, as have other nations. The bubble has burst on ivory prices. Some African countries like Kenya and Tanzania are seeing a drop in poached elephants. Long may this continue.

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