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Chip Fork Necklace Tutorial and the British Chippy

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I must admit I chuckled when I saw the chip fork necklace tutorial on Cut Out and Keep! It's DIY and it could be eco if you collect them from British fish and chip takeouts! It's designed by Tatty Devine for Eithne Farry's  new book Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means.

There are around 8,500 fish and chip shops affectionately called chippies in the UK. Did you know there are  8 chippies for every McDonald's outlet? That's a lot of chippie forks out there to recycle! That's a good thing for girls of slender means!

Apart from drilling holes (and presumably cleaning the forks), the tutorial just says to sandpaper and varnish the forks. But young designers could do much more than that. They could paint and embellish the basic wooden forks.

Some fun facts about fish and chips
  1. Originated probably from French frites and Jewish fish dishes
  2. First fish and chip shop opened in London in 1861
  3. Mushy peas are traditionally served with fish and chips, especially in Northern England (recipe)
  4. It was the only take out food NOT rationed during World War II
  5. Chippies go through so much cooking oil, a German company plans to convert it to biodiesel
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