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Awesome Statement Necklace Tutorials from Michaels

Did you know Michaels the craft store has hundreds of jewelry projects? Plenty of inspiration and instructions there if you care to go through them. If you are wondering, I did look at them all! Shown here are some of my favorite statement style ones.  (Update : links are no longer available)

The Crystazzi Channel Cascade necklace shown on the right should appeal to those of you who love sparkly crystals!

Do you positively dread having to figure out the lengths needed for multi-layered necklaces? Then the Long Layers jewelry set tutorial is the one for you!

Their bib necklace tutorial uses unconventional materials like foam paper and art felt paper.

The easy to do Natural Elegance necklace tutorial uses large beaded dangles grouped together to form a bib focal.

The use of multiple beaded chains in an eclectic fashion in the Smoke and Ice necklace also does the same thing.

Some of you may prefer the regularly spaced  Pink Ombre necklace rather than informal styles.

A bit of bead weaving inspiration went into the Black and Champagne Coral Fringe necklace project.

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  1. Wow - the designs have really improved since I took classes there years ago! Very nice.

  2. Hey Pearl,

    I only checked the first 2 links but they lead to a dead page.

  3. Are you checking from the emailed post? It will be the dead links. Please click on the post title and check out the updated post on the blog. I apologize for the inconvenience.


  4. Jaclyn (Jackie) WennerSeptember 3, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    Your coral + wire is very intriguing. I love copper amd think your client was correct with the copper "chain". I also like the black, because it gives it a softer feeling.
    Thanks for the peak at your work.


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