I wrote the previous post a while a go. Alas, in the intervening time, Michaels completely revamped their site including their jewelry projects so not a single link worked! Thanks Denise for emailing me to let me know. I have updated all the links in that post. (If you are an email subscriber, the links in the original emailed post won't work. Click on the post title to return to the blog.

I should have checked, so in apology and to atone for my error, I went hunting again. Here are some new ones from their updated and trimmed list. The above Black and Ruby Bling Necklace is stunning isn't it?

The Vintage Pendant Necklace is sure to please crystal fans.

I just adore the style of their Bamboo Jasper bib necklace. I shall have to start playing with my gemstone nuggets.

The Moroccan Safari necklace clearly shows the tribal influence.

The Hematite Layered Chain necklace sure inspires one in the use of multiple chains.

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