Friday, November 19, 2010

Face Distorting Jewelry by Burcu Buyukunal

By on Friday, November 19, 2010 12 Comments

Remember the old nursery rhyme with these lines, “What is your fortune, my pretty maid? My face is my fortune, Sir, she said.“? In many ways, that’s been true for women through the ages. Appearances do matter.

Symmetrical appearances have been scientifically shown to be considered more attractive - for humans and well as many animals. It's all about attracting mates.

Yet, I found the face distorting jewelry by Turkish jewelry designer, Burcu Buyukunal strangely attractive even though the designs sought to make the face asymmetrical. The wire designs accentuate parts of the face like the cheeks and the lips.

This face distorting jewelry is very different from the Imperfect Face Jewelry by Sophie Duran where the designer deliberately set out to make a social statement.

The photography is by Arthur Hash.

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  1. Fascinating...These could be used in theater as part of a character transformation, too.

  2. Not often I disagree with your opinion, but I think those are Yucky! They look like my face when I get up in the morning after sleeping in the same position all night. You don't need jewelry to do that - just wait until you're in your 60s and you can get it for free!

  3. I love your posts more than you could possibly imagine ♥

    (Via Facebook)

  4. I gotta be honest, this creeps me out a tiny bit. LOL - I don't know what I would think if I saw someone with this on the street. However, I'm with Jerrece, I love reading your blog!

    (Via Facebook)

  5. Thanks for the kind words! I sometimes wonder if people do enjoy my posts. So I shouldn't any more!

  6. Well it is different, sort of like a real life Picasso painting. I'd be a little afraid that wearing something like that could cause permanent marks on ones face, especially if worn excessively.

  7. I love your posts, they are interesting, of the unusual and not so mainstream. While I think these pieces aren't exactly flattering (wondering how someone would talk wearing that thing around the lips, lol) they are inventive and picassoesque like above comment says. Metal allergies...?? lol hope not.

  8. The main reason why I sometimes post about edgier designs is to make the point that we need to think outside the box to make our designs stand out more. Too often, we cling to our own comfort zones.


  9. Oh yeah. I'm a big comfort zone kind of gal.

  10. in the time it takes to make this kind of meaningless drivel, some actual jewelry could be created

  11. I usually take a dim view with anonymous comments but I'd like to make the point about innovative jewelry is not that it might be worn. Indeed some may never become mainstream jewelry.

    But these designs do remind us to push the envelope, get out of our comfort zones if we are to create more than mediocre designs.

  12. Instant Picasso face! Jokes aside I wonder if there's something that could be done with this idea, like glasses that give a non-surgical facelift when worn? It's certainly interesting at the conceptual stage; thanks for making it public.