Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kazari-Sakuiro's Beautiful Beaded Floral Jewelry

We love to look at drop dead gorgeous beaded jewelry right?  Well, thanks to reader Donna of  Sew and So, who discovered Kazari-Sakuiro, we can all do some major drooling!

The handmade bead work on this Japanese selling site is outstanding.  The link takes you to their extensive gallery. It is slow to load initially though but it's well worth the wait to see nearly 80 designs.

What stood out are the floral corsages which are either separate or cleverly incorporated into necklace designs. Shown here are some of my favorites.

If you want to check out individual design descriptions and find out about shopping, use Google Translate.  There is not much to go by though but the gorgeous designs speak volumes for themselves and their creator(s).

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Michelle L. said...

Quite INSANELY gorgeous, Pearl! I have drooled over them for minutes!

Karen Rogina said...

All so very pretty. Oh, to have the eyesight and nimble fingers to create the most simple design.

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Pearl Blay said...

I won't admit to the time I spent drooling over the designs!

Roxann Ozols said...

Absolutely amazing work!

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Linda Roden said...

These pictures inspired me. Going to give it a shot and try making some of the flowers myself.

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Pearl Blay said...

Go for it, Linda!

TorqueStory said...

Oh man, those are jaw-droppingly stunning.

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