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I've introduced the use of hollow colored rubber tubing before - see my past tutorial post, How to Make Fun Cover Up Hoop Earrings using small diameter memory wire. The same approach can be made with memory wire bracelets.

Dora over at the ShowTellShare blog has a wonderful tutorial on how to add color to memory wire bracelets without beads by simply feeding the wire through sections of rubber tubing.  If you've never been fond of the typical memory wire designs - you know, the multi-coiled affairs - this might change your mind!

You could also cut up the rubber tubing into smaller sections and group beads all the way around.  Kelly of Off the Beaded Path does just this in her memory wire bracelet video tutorial.  She also uses round screw crimp beads for the ends of the bracelet. These are much better looking terminals than the glue on balls or wire loops.


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  1. Fantàstico.....y las flores uuuufff una maravilla....

  2. Barbara -bcameron8@tampabay.rr.comApril 25, 2012 at 10:06 PM

    Where can you buy the colored tubing?

  3. You can get them at many jewelry supply companies. I got mine from Fire Mountain Gems.

  4. You may know this already but I noticed that the Silver Silk folks have a hollow formed knitted wire to go over memory wire. Most of their wire knit is hollow, technically speaking, but this newer version makes wire (or whatever) insertion easier.

    Via Facebook

  5. No, I did not know that. Thanks for sharing the info with all of us here.

  6. Where's the best place or any place to purchase colored rubber tubing for memory wire? And what is the dianamator of memory wire?

    via Facebook

  7. I got mine from Fire Mountain Gems but many other jewelry supply companies sell them. The inside diameter of the rubber tubing is 0.7 mm so I got the memory wire which is 0.5-0.65 mm thick.


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