Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quick Tip on Shambala Bracelet Closures

I've covered the Shambala style of macrame bracelets before (see links below). These usually feature knotted closures which look nice but take extra time to complete. 

So take a tip from Katrine who writes a most appropriately named blog - Make It and Fake It.  Her DIY gold clover bracelet tutorial uses macrame knots on both sides of the bracelet. What was clever was her simple short cut using just a metal tube for the clasp area!

I shall be checking if I have any larger holed metal cylinders in my stash!

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Pat Gray said...

Thank you so much Pearl for this one - it's going to make my macrame pieces SOOOOO much simpler!

Pearl Blay said...

Just make sure the cords fit snugly to keep the bracelet tightened!

Pat Gray said...

Good point - I'm already thinking I'm going to figure out how to make my own tube beads out of copper, but metal working is on my to-do list for next year anyway...

Pearl Blay said...

Something to try to make are metal coils rather than tube beads. Quicker to accomplish too!

Rhea said...

Great tip! Thank you so much! Where did you purchase the gold tube?

Pearl Blay said...

Hi Rhea,
Click through to Katrine's blog and ask her the question! I personally would make a wire coil instead of purchasing a metal tube.

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