Friday, December 28, 2012

Recycled Christmas Earrings Tutorials

There are plenty of recycled crafts out there but Alisa Burke's amazing recycled Christmas earrings definitely wins for this time of year.  She came up with no less than 5 unique designs using tinsel and metallic wrapping paper. Shown here are two of my favorites.

Her tinsel earrings are so good, they will turn heads at New Year parties!  I also liked her clever rose studs made from metallic wrapping paper.  The tutorial is based on her recycled roses wreath how-to.

No wonder she called her design post "upcycled holiday sparkle earrings" They sure do!

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4 comments : said...

I was thinking about the recycled Xmas wrap into adornment! Thanks for posting!

Pearl Blay said...

Great minds think alike, Cate!

Almost Precious said...

It's amazing. Looks like metal but with less weight and a whole lot less expensive!

Pearl Blay said...

I agree! Recycled earrings need not look, well, recycled!

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