Contrary to what some people believe, beading is not dead.  Tons of people love to bead but they don't have the time for elaborate projects.  So small motif based beading projects are popular because the gratification of finishing something occurs much, much sooner.

Nikia Angel's new 17 project book Easy Crystal Stitching, Sophisticated Jewelry, which I received for review, is just the ticket for time-pressed beaders without compromising on the results! 

The author explained how she came about her beaded wheel designs about 12 years ago.  She was learning how to make a particular bracelet in a class when her tension went haywire.  She turned the mistake into a sparkly wheel.  That started a new trend!

Nikia has now moved on to other shapes like triangles and squares which she shares in her book. She confesses, " I'm endlessly fascinated with the possibility of this incredibly simple little "thing"!" She also covers bezels, bails, spiral rope and toggle clasps - all great instructional projects for beginners.

Nikia shows beaders how to incorporate the motifs into gorgeous rings, bracelet and necklace designs.

One of my favorite designs from the book is the Christmas wreath earrings shown below! Many beaders will also enjoy putting putting several beaded rings on chains or simple beaded necklaces as you can see from the lowest necklace here :

Magic does happens when these motifs are put together! Nikia's pendants are particularly lovely when she groups them together in a tiered fashion. 

The directions are clear and well illustrated in a book I highly recommend for those who love playing with building blocks! This can only lead to the creation of elegant jewelry!


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