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Vintage Style Bridal Jewelry by My Little Bride

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I first spotted Efrat Davidsohn's gorgeous vintage style bridal jewelry on Facebook.  The design which caught my eye was the spectacular shoulder-necklace collar design - a vision in chains and pearls.

The design also bedazzles at the back - a very good thing as the back of the bride is seen for much of the wedding ceremony!

Intrigued about the artisan behind such beautiful designs, I then explored her Artfire store called My Little Bride.  She also has an Etsy shop too.  Although she does have color in some pieces, Efrat by in large designs in a very limited bridal palette of creams and whites.  And she does that very, very, well.

Her signature pieces are the collars and the epaulettes.  But this designer does not disappoint with her more subdued jewelry. All of them showcase her talent for creating such romantic, Victorian style jewelry.

Efrat works in a tiny studio which is part of her small vintage style boutique in Tel Aviv. She not only makes the jewelry but also designs and sews wedding dresses!  She uses all sorts of materials both new and old, some of which she sources from flea markets.

What inspires her?  Efrat says, "Most of my influences and inspiration comes from the era of the 1930's and the 1940's - the film noir movies."  Music is also important.  She adds, "I listen to Nina Simone , Ella Fiztgerald, Billy Holiday and many more...they also have an influence in my designs."

Her passion for making bridal jewelry clearly shows!

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  1. Wow! What incredible talent!

    Absolutely stunning work! Wish I was getting married....

  2. Talk about some incredible jewelry! Makes me wish I would be wearing a gown when I get remarried to my husband next year.

  3. You know you can still wear a gown next year, Shaiha! What a wonderful thing to do - a remarriage ceremony! Congratulations!