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3 Long Bugle Bead Statement Necklace Tutorials

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Bugle beads aren't used very often. The extra long ones?  Even less so.  I did have a go and used them in earrings designs as you can see from my tutorial post on How to Make Stud Earrings with Connector Beads and Resin Clay (you can also use the same resin clay idea for all kinds of dangles).  But these 3 statement necklaces really rock bugle beads!

Kirsten Nunez over on Studs and Pearls used them in her chevron statement necklace tutorial shown above.  She glued them in place but they can also be sewn in.  Yup, use them for bead embroidery.  I didn't use glue but set long bugle beads into resin clay for a really unique pendant.

I also liked Mylene Hillam's Golden Shadows statement necklace tutorial which features chains, bugles and crystals. Check out her blog post and see how well it looks on her!

This pretty fringe style bugle bead statement necklace tutorial is by Esther Pollock over on Fire Moutain Gems. She actually stacked shorter bugle beads to extend them in her design.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my Golden Shadows necklace, Pearl. I've shared your blog post to my social networks in the coming days. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Myléne

    1. You are most welcome! Thanks for inspiring all of us!

  2. These are all great creations using bugle beads. I even went back to your own posts on these and thought again how pretty they are.

    Crystal clay is something I've never used. But every time I see what you have done with it I wonder why I have none in my studio. Hmmm....

    1. I'll bet you will find it a most versatile material indeed!

  3. Wonderful tutorial, Pearl. The bugle statement Bib necklace is gorgeous and looks stunning on Mylene. You are so right about our not using these sparkling little tube beads very often. Seems we all have a stash of bugle beads but overlook them whenever we're trying to conjure up a new jewelry design or idea.
    BTW - Thanks for the link to your tutorial for making stud earrings with resin clay. It's a great tutorial and I absoulutely love those earrings.

    1. Glad you love those resin clay earrings. As I said, you don't have to use bugle beads with the design. but they are dramatic with them!